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Welcome to our blog and thanks for stopping by :)

Why did we start this blog?

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts and early adopters of cryptocurrency and mainly Bitcoin, who have developed a passion for these.
We always wanted to start a blog as a side hustle but income went sideways and our main motive to educate and bring awareness of these new technologies to our viewers.

Why should you read this blog?

If you are here to get rich quick schemes, then this might not be the right place. We provide some valuable information on earning opportunities though.
We believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the future, cryptocurrencies that have the potential to overthrow centralized financial institutions, and blockchain technology is on the verge of providing a breakthrough in supply chain management.

We want to educate all those who are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. This is just the beginning of a new age, where only a few percent of the world uses these technologies. If you are the first one among your friends, please share this with them too and learn Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain, right from the basics.

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