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Telegram is a messenger app just like Whatsapp. There are lot of other features on Telegram compared to Whatsapp. So how can we earn cryptocurrency using Telegram? There are bots on Telegram i.e., chat bots where we give a certain command and they reply with a pre-fed message. These bots send us the links of advertisements or ads, so that when we click on them we are directed to the site links. We should stay on that site for 10 to 30 seconds and come back and then you will earn rewards in cryptocurrency.

You can also refer your friends. You can earn commissions upto 15% of their earnings. That's pretty good. So, if you just refer 20 people, you don't even need to look the ads. The earnings from the referrals itself will keep on adding up.

Here, we will give a detailed explanation on how to do all the above mentioned thing and we also the proof of withdrawal of earnings from these bots. It's quite easy, you just have to spend 10 to 20 minutes per day so that you can get free cryptocurrency.

Now follow the below steps keenly

1. You must have Telegram app installed in your smartphone. Just download it from the playstore. 

2. Now go to any of these links below. If you want to earn Bitcoin, click on BTC click bot or whichever you want. If you want to earn from all of these, then click on these links one by one. 

 3. Now after you click on the link, you will be directed to the bot on Telegram. Start the bot and you will get a menu like this: 

Earn cryptocurrency

4. Now there are three ways to earn from here. 

  • Visit sites: You can earn by visiting sites as we have discussed before. Just click on visit sites, you will get a reply. Then click on 'Go to website' and stay there for whatever time it shows. It will be a maximum of 30 seconds. Then come back to the bot and you will earn the reward. Do as long as you want. 
  • Message Bot: Click on message bot and then go the message bot, forward any message from the message bot to click bot and earn rewards. 
  • Join chats: Click on Join chats and join the groups or channels and stay for the mentioned time. You will get the reward after that time. Then you can leave that chat. 

 5. Click on Referrals to get your referral link and share it with your friends. You can also get your referral earnings there itself. 

6. Now coming to withdrawals, click on the Balance tab on the Menu, you will get another menu like this: 

Earn bitcoin

Click on Withdraw to get you earnings to your wallet. 

If you don't have a cryptocurrency wallet, check this post on how to create a cryptocurrency wallet and everything you need to know. 

7. And the last and best step. Paste your cryptocurrency address and withdraw your earnings. You will receive the cryptocurrency to your wallet in few minutes.

Now something you need to know is, the earnings will be of good amount if you have good number of referrals or if you do the above tasks regularly. It's one of the free way to earn some cryptocurrency, so we cannot really complain.


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