In this article, we are going to connect Matic(Polygon) network to Metamask. Matic is renamed as Polygon. Also, let's find how we can interact with dapps on Polygon using your Metamask wallet.

So what is Matic? Let's discuss Matic in a detailed post but simply, Matic is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum and Ethereum compatible blockchains.

We have discussed in the Beginner's Guide to Ethereum that smart contracts are deployed and executed on the Ethereum blockchain. The high number of dapps on Ethereum leads to high gas fees and network congestion. Matic aims to solve those problems by utilizing side chains for the computation of smart contracts.

MATIC, the cryptocurrency that governs the Polygon ecosystem has risen in value along with Bitcoin. It hit an all-time high price of $2.62 a couple of months ago and is trading at $0.94(at the time of writing this article). MATIC has a market capitalization of $6 Billion and is up 4400% in the last year.

The Matic/Polygon ecosystem provides scalability and security with low fees and faster transactions. Due to which the crypto developers started utilizing what Polygon has to offer. In order to interact with the Decentralised applications built on the Matic/Polygon network, we use Metamask wallet.

Metamask is a web-based wallet. It is available as a browser extension in Google Chrome, Brave browser and Vivaldi. If you haven't set up a Metamask wallet before, Create a Metamask wallet here.

When you create a Metamask wallet, the default networks provided are Ethereum Mainnet and some Ethereum testnets like Ropsten and Rinkby test networks. As we want to connect with the Polygon/Matic network, we have to add the Polygon network using custom RPC settings.

how to add polygon to metamask

Connecting Polygon(Matic) to Metamask

  • Login to your Metamask wallet and click on the three dots present on the top right and click on 'Expand view'
  • Click on the drop-down list as shown below
metamask dashboard

  • Now at the bottom of the list, you can see Custom RPC. Click on the Custom RPC and a Settings window appears
how to add polygon to metamask

Matic Mainnet Settings

Here are the Matic Mainnet settings, enter them as given below

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

polygon matic custom rpc settings

Enter the above details and click 'Save'. Matic Mainnet will be added to your Metamask wallet.

Now if you deposit ERC20 or BEP20, MATIC tokens to this Matic Mainnet, your tokens won't show up in the Matic main network. ERC20 MATIC tokens will be transferred on Ethereum Mainnet and BEP20 MATIC tokens will be transferred on Binance Smart Chain Network.

In order to get some MATIC tokens to the Matic mainnet, you have to select the Matic network while you withdraw from an exchange. As of now, only a few exchanges support withdrawals to Matic Mainnet. Binance is one of them. Buy MATIC tokens on Binance exchange and select Matic network while you withdraw. This way you can get MATIC tokens to Matic Mainnet.

Now let's connect Matic Testnet. On a test net, you can interact with the dapps without using real money. Testnet tokens can be claimed for free and we cannot send them to the Mainnet

Matic Testnet Settings

Here are the Matic Testnet settings for Metamask, enter them as it is.

Network Name: Matic Mumbai


Chain ID: 80001

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

So now you have Matic Testnet, you can claim some free Matic from the faucets after you add the Matic testnet to your Metamask and start testing the dapps on the Polygon network

Go to the Matic faucet, Enter your Metamask wallet address and claim some testnet MATIC tokens for free.

Here are some Dapps on the Matic network that you can start using right away:

  1. EasyFi
  2. EasyFi is a fork of the Compound protocol. It offers Lending, Borrowing, and Staking all together

  3. Neon District
  4. Neon District is an NFT gaming platform built on Matic.

  5. Poly Market
  6. Poly Market is a popular prediction market based on the real-time events

Those are some projects/dapps on the Polygon network and there are a lot to come. Let's see how well the Polygon network can solve the real scalability issues of the Ethereum network. Stay safe and Invest safely.

Comment below your Metamask address to get some tokens airdropped to your wallet.

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