While there are many ways to earn Bitcoin, while there are very few ways to earn Bitcoin without any investment. Here is an opportunity for you to earn Bitcoin for free and without any investment. While this opportunity may not last for a longer time, let's see how much Bitcoin we can earn.

Ember Fund is a crypto investment app that categorizes cryptocurrencies into various fund groups and allows users to invest in such funds. We have funds like Metaverse fund which includes coins like SAND, AXS, MANA, ENJ, AUDIO, etc., Defi Index fund which includes Defi coins like UNI, AAVE, LRC, MKR, SUSHI, etc., and some other funds.

To invest in any of the funds, you can deposit some Bitcoin from any of your wallets and start investing in those funds. The minimum investment for most of the funds is in the range of $500 to $1000. You don't need to invest in funds if you just like to earn some free Bitcoin.

You can earn free bitcoin daily on the Ember fund app with a click of a button. You can refer the Ember app to your friends and family to boost your bitcoin earnings. Here is the complete process to start earning on the Ember Fund app

earn free bitcoin daily

Earn free Bitcoin with Ember fund app daily

1. Firstly, Use the link below and install the Ember fund app from Playstore/Appstore

Ember Fund App

2. Sign up using your email and set up a password

3. Go to the third tab, which is the Bitcoin rewards tab, and click on Start Earning. You're all set and you can earn 5 satoshis per hour. (Note: From March 24, the number of satoshis earned per hour is reduced to 2.5 satoshis.)

ember fund app earn bitcoin

4. Now go to the second tab, click on the settings in the top right corner. Enter this Access Code - 103200QEVA to get your referral confirmed.

5. You have to open the app every 24 hours to continue earning. Open the app and click on Start Earning to continue earning again. The app notifies you every 24 hours

6. 5 sats/hour is the base earning and to boost your earnings, you can refer the app to your friends. For every friend you invite, your earnings increase by 5 sats/hour. (Note: From March 24, the number of satoshis earned per hour is reduced to 2.5 satoshis.)

earn free bitcoin

7. So here is some calculation on how much Bitcoin you can earn for free

Let's say you have invited 9 friends, you would earn 50 sats/hour, which gives you 1200 satoshis per day. You will be able to earn $0.56 per day/ Rs.42 per day at the current price of Bitcoin, which you can earn for free using the Ember fund app. (Note: From March 24, the number of satoshis earned per hour is reduced to 2.5 satoshis.)

The minimum withdrawal is just $5, which is about 10633 satoshis. At the rate of 1200 satoshis per day, you can earn $5 in a matter of 9 days. Every 9 days you can withdraw 10633 satoshis to your wallet.

Here are the earnings based on a number of referrals:

No. of Referrals Sats/Hour Earnings per day
19 100 2400($1.13)
49 250 6000($2.82)
99 500 12000($5.64)
249 1250 30000($14.1)
499 2500 60000($28.2)

How to Withdraw Bitcoin from Ember app

Once you have reached the withdrawal limit of $5 or $5 worth of Bitcoin, follow the steps below to withdraw your Bitcoin earned from the Ember app

  1. In the Earnings tab, click on 'Boost' in the top right corner
  2. Scroll down and get to the bottom of the page where you can see 'Withdraw to wallet'
  3. Click on withdraw to the wallet and select Ember Bitcoin wallet
  4. Every month your Bitcoin will be withdrawn to your Ember wallet on the distribution date
  5. After the Bitcoin is distributed on that date, go to the 'Available Funds' tab, click on your Bitcoin balance, click the Send arrow, enter the amount and submit your Bitcoin wallet address
  6. You can create a Bitcoin wallet by downloading apps like Trust Wallet, Exodus wallet, and Green wallet on Google play store
  7. Or check out the post to create a Bitcoin wallet
  8. Enter the amount less than the total balance to pay some fees and submit
  9. Your Bitcoin will be deposited into your wallet in a few minutes

So there is a lot of earning opportunity on the Ember app and all these earnings in Bitcoin are for free. After all, there is very little Bitcoin on this planet that you can get. Every sat is valuable. Stack as many sats as possible.

Ember Fund app Bitcoin Withdrawal Proof

I have withdrawn the Bitcoin I have earned last month. I have earned 0.00022076 BTC with about 8 referrals. Here is the proof of the withdrawal. You can check this transaction in the block explorer here.

Ember fund app Bitcoin withdrawal proof

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    1. Create a Bitcoin wallet like Trust wallet and withdraw Bitcoin. Create wallet using this post https://www.thecryptoinsight.com/2020/03/how-to-create-cryptocurrency-or-bitcoin.html. Check the updated post for more info.


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