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Crypto Royale is a browser-based, free-to-play, play-to-earn game in which players compete for fun. As the name suggests, the last player standing wins the in-game cryptocurrency token ROY.  The game is fun and easy to play as its creators mentioned yet difficult to master, which makes it more interesting. 

What makes it unique is, there is no need to download anything, no upfront payments required, and no signups. 

Gameplay and Fighting for Glory

The game is really simple and it is an improvised version of the classic ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS. The players are represented as either of three different colored spheres - Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow with 100 Hit Points(HP). 

The rules are really simple

1. Collision Rules

crypto royale gameplay

Cyan wins against magenta and Magenta against Yellow and Yellow against Cyan. It completes a cycle just like rock paper scissors. When the collision happens, the winning sphere will gain 50% of the opponent's Hit Points from the losing Sphere. 

2. Colored Boxes

The colored boxes provide health(adds Hit Points) and change the color of the sphere to the color of the box picked. Picking the shiny boxes provides small amounts of crypto(ROY). 

3. Movement

On PC, the mouse pointer can be used to point the direction and clicking will boost the sphere movement in the direction of the mouse pointer. However, most players use mouse pointer for direction and <TAB > Key for boost. 

On mobile, the first touch is used for direction and the second touch for boost. 

A single boost will consume 25% of your Hit Points(HP). 

When the health gets below 25 HP, we cannot boost and becomes a critical target. So it is important to build health. 

Where to play?

The game is browser-based. So, head to, and there you can find four different modes of the game. 

  • Training - Free and for practicing against bots with low rewards. 
  • Ranked - Free and better rewards and for competing against other players. 
  • Low Stakes - Buy in games where you play with 1 ROY as Fee with high rewards than ranked. 
  • High Stakes - Buy in with 10 ROY as game fee with much higher rewards. 

There are also daily tournaments at 2am, 8am, 2pm, and 8pm UTC from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, there will be one mega tournament at 3pm UTC with different Cryptocurrencies as rewards from sponsors or ROY itself. It is also known as COTW(Coin of the Week). 

What is ROY?

Royale (ROY) is Cryptoroyale's in-game cryptocurrency(HRC-20 Token) launched on the Harmony network. The token max supply is 400M ROYs, with a potential 230M ROYs allocated for the burn at a later stage. The players are rewarded with ROY tokens for winning in their in-game wallets. The token can be withdrawn to Metamask Wallet from the in-game wallet. 

By default, the tokens earned are stored in-game wallet and it is stored in the browser cache. As long as the cache is not cleared, the tokens are safe. However, if the cache is cleared accidentally, the earned tokens will be lost. So, it is advisable to connect the in-game wallet to discord to prevent the tokens from losing even if the cache is cleared. 

The ROY token can be exchanged for ONE on Viperswap - a decentralized exchange on the Harmony network. More details on how to withdraw ROY from the in-game wallet to metamask is available here.

crypto royale token

Earning interest by holding ROY

The ROY token can be held in the game wallet or externally in MetaMask, staked in both cases currently at 73% APY.  It can also be used to drop in-game tips and tip other players on discord. It is also used to purchase CryptoRoyale NFTs from the market or store them on the website.

Crypto Royale NFTs

Recently, Cryptoroyale launched its in-game skins for the spheres as NFTs. The skins are dropped to players randomly for winning the games. It depends a lot on luck. There are five types of skins listed below in the increasing order of their rarity.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
They can be purchased from the store and we can equip the skins we have in the game. These skins bought from the store are applicable for earning staking rewards. 

Additionally, the players can sell the skins they got from winning or purchasing on the inbuilt marketplace like below. 

Tips to Earn more ROY

  • Participate in all tournaments. The tournaments are more rewarding than ranked matches. The Sunday tournament is more rewarding than the regular one.
  • Hold ROY to earn more ROY. The reward mechanism in ranked and training is based on the multiplier, which is based on the amount of ROY you hold in your in-game wallet and external wallet like Metamask. 
  • Always pick the shiny boxes in the game. They give you a small amount of ROY.  Killing other players also rewards you the boxes. The boxes accumulated can be fed into a wheel which can give you more ROY. 
  • When you want to purchase a skin or sell it, check for the price on the marketplace and decide the value. You can post about the skin you listed on the marketplace on discord.
  • In tournaments, prioritize winning the games than killing fast and picking up boxes if you are new to the game. It will get you a decent position.
  • Stick around after the Sunday tournament. Triple rewards will be enabled for half an hour followed by double rewards for the next half an hour. On weekdays, double rewards will be enabled randomly, you can subscribe to the events on the discord.
  • Remember, second place wins some ROY on ranked and connects discord for earning achievements. 
  • Connect discord to avoid losing your earned ROY by accidentally clearing the browser cache. Also, the discord community is super fun and the moderators are very helpful. They are also building more interesting games. 

Happy Bopping!!

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