Telegram is a hub for crypto enthusiasts. It is a go-to place for crypto-related channels for information, crypto communities, and most importantly, crypto signals. Crypto signals are some investment advice given by the so-called experts to their communities.

Telegram is free to use and has great privacy features. Telegram has more advanced features compared to Whatsapp. The text channels provide information to the communities. The groups on Telegram can accommodate up to 2,00,000 members. Many crypto projects have active communities on Telegram.

Here are some interesting free Telegram channels to follow for learning about projects in their early stages, market trends, and technical analysis.

free crypto signals telegram channels

Best Telegram Channels for Crypto Signals

Blockchain Whispers

Blockchain Whispers is a free channel for crypto signals. The channel has over 124,000 members. The founder of this channel is the author of the book Blockchain Decrypted which is one of the Amazon bestsellers. Blockchain whispers provide you noise-free crypto signals of early cryptocurrency projects and accurate short-term and long-term market trends. Blockchain whispers also has a premium paid signals channel.

Symphony Confidential

Symphony Confidential is on the mission to educate people and build a fundamental crypto research channel. This channel provides crypto signals solely based on research and based on the potential of the projects. The channel has over 5,600 members. The most successful crypto signals of Symphony Confidential include LUNA, RNDR, and FLUX which delivered over 50x returns. Symphony Confidential also has a paid channel.

Crypto Trades

Crypto Trades is a crypto signals channel for Swing trading. Swing trading is a strategy in which the trade is held for two or more days. Crypto trades provide crypto signals based on the best technical analysis. Crypto Trades provides signals of crypto from exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and Gate. The channel has over 14,000 subscribers. Crypto Trades also provide an analysis of market trends based on the overall situation in stocks and the US Dollar.

Be In Crypto

Be In Crypto telegram channel offers free trading signals, trading tips, insights on the launching projects, technical analysis, and project reviews. Be In Crypto is one of the most visited news outlets for cryptocurrency. They also train and guide members to become pro-traders. They often organize live streams for weekly recaps, notable market events, and forecasts.

Crypto Coins Coach

Crypto Coins Coach is a popular channel for crypto signals. The channel has over 125,000 members. Crypto Coins Coach provides crypto signals based on technical analysis and crypto news. They also conduct AMAs with trending crypto projects. Crypto Coins Coach has VIP and Premium memberships. The channel claim to have an association with whales and predict broader market trends.

Bitcoin Guru

Bitcoin Guru is not exactly a Telegram channel for crypto signals. Bitcoin Guru channel shares projects with great potential even before most people have known and retroactive airdrop opportunities. Not only cryptocurrencies but also other earning opportunities based on IDOs and NFTs are shared on this channel. Bitcoin Guru channel has a community called the 100X Club to discuss crypto.


TheCryptoInsight channel is a learn and earn Telegram channel based on crypto. It provides different earning opportunities like Yield farming, Defi, Airdrops, and free crypto. You can also learn on using different platforms based on the how-to guides. The latest news keeps you updated with the crypto market trends.

Money Guru Signal

Money Guru Signal shares great crypto signals which have high potential to grow. Money Guru Signal has a YouTube channel with over 400k subscribers. He shares crypto signals which have the potential to get listed on top crypto exchanges. He often does giveaways for IDOs. He also gives trades on Future markets and predicts market trends with great accuracy.

Whale Crypto Guide

Whale Crypto Guide provides profitable crypto signals which are available on top exchanges like Binance and Kucoin. Crypto signals are given based on technical analysis and on the upcoming events of the cryptocurrency projects.

Maltsev Trade

Maltsev Trade channel is popular for crypto chart analysis. Their own Razum Capital has over 50k followers on Instagram. They have over 12+ years of experience and also manage clients' accounts. Maltsev Trade gives analysis based on the world markets and sentiments. They also provide daily updates on Bitcoin movements.

Crypto signals are a great way to improve your knowledge of crypto trading but should not be the sole reason to make your trading decisions. Nobody can be 100% correct and do your own research always before investing. After all, it is your hard-earned money and there are many easy ways to lose it.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investments are risky and invest only what you can afford to lose

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