Airdrops are free cryptocurrency tokens that are rewarded to early users for participating in various activities on decentralized applications(DApps). We have seen many airdrops in the last year which rewarded users thousands of dollars for free. Here are some upcoming best crypto airdrops that could make you some money.

Best crypto airdrops upcoming

List of Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

1. Pixels Online

Pixels is an online game that involves farming some fruits and vegetables, interacting with strangers, and completing some tasks in the game. The game also has a market where you can buy and sell items with the in-game currency.

Every task completed and XP gained in the game gives you points and you are given a rank based on your points. The top 20,000 users are confirmed to get an airdrop. Airdrop snapshot will be taken on October 31. PIXEL is going to be the token of the platform and BERRY is their in-game token.

2. zkSync

zkSync is one of the Ethereum scaling solutions. zkSync aims to achieve scalability without compromising the security of the chain. Computation is performed off-chain and transactions are proven on the Ethereum blockchain. Transactions are going to be cheaper and faster.

zkSync is backed by industry leaders like Binance Labs, A16Z, Ethereum foundation, etc. Airdrop is speculated to be launched soon. Using the zkSync platform mainnet can make you eligible for the airdrop.

3. Arbitrum

Arbitrum is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution. Arbitrum is Ethereum but faster and cheaper. Arbitrum has a TVL of over $1 billion and is among the top ten chains with the highest TVL. There are a lot of dapps already live on Arbitrum.

Arbitrum is the most anticipated airdrop as Optimism has already got a token. Arbitrum is backed by top VCs in the industry. To become eligible for the Arbitrum airdrop, bridge your ETH to Arbitrum chain and use dapps on Arbitrum regularly.

4. LayerZero

LayerZero is an Omni-chain interoperable protocol. LayerZero aims to enable the realization of cross-chain applications. LayerZero is a kind of SWIPE for blockchains. LayerZero sends messages across blockchains.

LayerZero raised $135 million from Andressen Horrowitz, FTX, and Sequoia in March 2022, and a token is expected soon. LayerZero currently provides services to Aptos Bridge and Stargate Finance. Using these protocols and participating in their governance can make you eligible for LayerZero airdrop.

5. StarkWare

StarkWare brings scalability, security, and privacy to a blockchain. This is also one of the Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. StarkNet and StarkEx are the solutions on which dapps can be deployed for a fast and seamless user experience. One of the major DEX, DYDX runs on StarkWare. The total value locked in StarkWare platforms is over $460 million.

StarkWare has already announced its token STARK. Users of StarkWare products(like DYDX, and Gods Unchained) have been allocated some portion of the token supply. However, there are some ways to get some allocation of STARK tokens. Using StarkNet Bridge and a DEX on it may help you become eligible for the future STARK airdrop.

Bonus Airdrops


JUMP DEFI is a one-stop decentralized finance platform on the NEAR blockchain. One can swap, stake, pool, and farm tokens on JUMP defi platform. JUMP DEFI is currently in their testnet.

JUMP DEFI has announced an airdrop for users who participate in their testnet. This is round 3 of their testnet and they have also announced incentives for users who participated in their previous test net rounds. Since this is a testnet, you don't have to spend real money on swaps. Fill out this form to sign up for the testnet and follow the steps. 

7. Sui Network

Sui Network is a smart contracts-enabled blockchain that aims to achieve high throughput and scalability in layer 1. Sui Network uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to improve efficiency. NFTs can be stored on-chain and Sui enables human-readable signatures.

Sui Network has raised a huge $300 million from top investors like A16Z, Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, etc. Any huge private round will be accompanied by a huge airdrop like in the case of DYDX, Optimism, Aptos, etc. So doing some on-chain activities like swapping or transferring testnet tokens, and using dapps on Sui Network can make you eligible for the airdrop.

There are many more airdrops coming up. We will update the list if we find any interesting airdrops. Check back to our blog for more interesting content.

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