Major crypto events in March 2023

Crypto events are the events that occur when major upgrades or updates take place in cryptocurrency projects. Cryptocurrency projects could announce these projects well before the event, sometimes during the launch of the token itself. Crypto events can include but are not limited to soft forks, hard forks, token unlocks, testnet and mainnet launches, airdrop distributions, etc.

One can take note of the happenings of these crypto events and monitor the price action of the tokens related to these events and take necessary actions to make money. Not all events can be associated with the price of the token. Sometimes the major price action would have happened long before the event and the market might have already taken the event into account before it happens. It is necessary to consider the volatility of cryptocurrencies during these events.

Major Upcoming Crypto Events in March 2023

The future is here, folks! It's March 2023, and the crypto world is excited about major upcoming crypto events. This month, there is something for everyone, from virtual conferences to high-profile blockchain festivals and new crypto product launches. Here's a quick rundown of the month's most significant upcoming crypto events.


CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives exchange, has announced plans to launch event contracts on Bitcoin futures in 2023. This is the latest move in the exchange’s growing involvement with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets. The new event contracts will allow traders to speculate on significant events related to Bitcoin, such as a hard fork, regulation, or a significant price move. The contracts can be bought and sold on CME’s Futures Exchange, allowing traders to take advantage of the volatility surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related events.

The event contracts will be available for various events – such as changes in the Bitcoin block halving schedule, changes in the total number of Bitcoins in circulation, or the launch of a new cryptocurrency. They will also be available for more general events, such as changes in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, new regulations, or new technologies. Introducing event contracts will be a significant step forward for the cryptocurrency markets, allowing traders to take advantage of volatility surrounding important events. This could open up new opportunities for traders looking to speculate on the cryptocurrency markets.


  • When: March 14, 2023 
  • Coin: Filecoin(FIL) 
  • Coin Price: $6.25

Filecoin, a decentralised storage network powered by a blockchain, is set to launch its main net in 2023. Launched by Protocol Labs in 2017, Filecoin is a distributed storage network that allows users to rent out unused storage space on their computers and receive payment in the cryptocurrency Filecoin (FIL). Filecoin will enable users to store and retrieve data with an ultra-secure, distributed storage system. The main net launch of Filecoin will be a significant milestone for Bitcoin. The main net launch will provide users access to various features, including storing and retrieving data from the distributed storage network.

Additionally, users will be able to participate in the Filecoin token economy, with the ability to buy, sell, and exchange Filecoin tokens for other digital assets. The Filecoin mainnet launch also signals the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) launch. The FVM is a virtual machine that runs on top of the Filecoin network and provides a platform for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) on top of the Filecoin network. The FVM will enable developers to access the distributed storage network, manage stored data, and build applications on the Filecoin blockchain.


  • When: March 15, 2023 
  • Coin: Optimism[OP] 
  • Coin Price: $2.61

The Bedrock Upgrade 2023 is an exciting new initiative to revolutionize how we use and interact with the internet. Internet technologies have been largely stagnant for years, with little to no innovation in accessing and using our online accounts. With the Bedrock Upgrade 2023, this is all set to change. Bedrock Upgrade 2023 is an ambitious scheme to upgrade the internet infrastructure to meet modern users' demands. Its goal is to create a more secure, reliable, and faster web experience for everyone.

The upgrade will use cutting-edge technologies such as 5G networks, edge computing, and machine learning. It will also introduce new protocols, such as the Bedrock Protocol, providing users with a more secure and private online experience. One of the most significant benefits of the Bedrock Upgrade 2023 is that it will make it easier for people to access and use their online accounts. With the new protocols, users can easily access their accounts while protecting their data from malicious actors. Additionally, the new protocols will also make it easier for developers to create applications and services that are more secure and reliable.


  • When: March 15, 2023 
  • Coin: MultiverseX[EGLD] 
  • Coin Price: $43.43

The Ad Astra Portal has been a crucial tool in connecting people and businesses worldwide since its inception in 2021. In 2023, the Ad Astra Portal is expanding its capabilities to become the MultiversX Bridges. This new portal will give users unprecedented access to global markets, allowing for greater economic and social integration. The MultiversX Bridges will enable users to connect with various organizations and services, including banking, crowdfunding, and digital assets management. This will allow people and organizations to use more advanced features and benefits like asset tracking, smart contracts, and digital identity management.

The Ad Astra Portal was designed to be a global information exchange and collaboration hub. The platform allows users to share data, collaborate, and interact with one another while providing a secure and reliable infrastructure. With the introduction of the MultiversX Bridges, the platform will become a one-stop shop for users to access global markets and services. The Ad Astra Portal also provides users access to blockchain-based applications and services. This will enable users to take advantage of the many benefits offered by blockchain technology, including improved security, transparency, and efficiency.


  • When: March 15, 2023 
  • Coin: Stargate[STG] 
  • Coin Price:$0.874

The STG token is set to migrate to a new address in 2023, offering users several improvements to the existing platform. STG token is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain and designed to serve as a payment system and a platform for peer-to-peer transactions. The upcoming migration of STG Token to a new address means users can take advantage of several new features and improvements. Enhanced Security: STG Token’s new address will be secured by multiple layers of encryption, offering users increased protection against hackers and other malicious actors. In addition, the new address will be backed by a multi-signature system, allowing users to control their funds more securely.

Lower Transaction Fees: Transaction fees on the new address will be significantly lower than those on the existing platform. This will allow users to make transactions with lower costs and save money when making payments and transfers. 

Improved Network Speed: The new address will be more efficient, allowing users to make transactions faster. 

Improved User Interface: The new address will feature a more user-friendly interface, making it easier for users to navigate and make transactions


  • When: March 17, 2023 
  • Coin: Flare[FLR] 
  • Coin Price:$0.0367

The first Flare token distribution is set to take place in 2023 and is the first to be distributed to the public. Flare token is a new digital asset designed to revolutionize how people interact with digital assets. It is a decentralized payment network powered by a computer network run by miners. This network allows users to transfer their digital assets securely and transparently. Flare token is a new form of digital currency designed to be deflationary, meaning its supply decreases over time. This is done by reducing the flare token released into circulation each month. This ensures that the value of the Flare token stays stable over time.

The goal of the Flare token distribution is to make the flare token available to more people around the world. It is estimated that over the next few years, millions of people will be able to access the flare token and use it to make payments. The Flare token distribution will be done through a decentralized network of computers run by miners. These miners will receive a portion of the flare tokens supply each month as a reward for helping keep the network secure.


  • When: March 27, 2023 
  • Coin: Polygon[MATIC] 
  • Coin Price:$1.16

Polygon, a leading provider of next-generation blockchain technology, has announced the launch of its ZKEVM Mainnet Beta in 2023. The platform provides a multi-chain, multi-asset decentralized network for developers, organizations, and users to build and deploy applications. The ZKEVM Mainnet Beta is a fully decentralized, open-source platform allowing developers to build and deploy applications using the ZKEVM virtual machine. The ZKEVM virtual machine is a Turing-complete, blockchain-agnostic platform enabling developers to build on multiple chains and assets. It is also a secure and reliable platform for running applications and services.

The ZKEVM Mainnet Beta will provide a variety of features to developers, such as innovative contract development and deployment, asset management, and a secure digital identity system. The platform also supports a multi-chain platform that provides interoperability between different blockchain networks. This will allow developers to move assets quickly between chains and create and interact with decentralized applications. In addition to providing a comprehensive development platform, the ZKEVM Mainnet Beta will allow users to access various decentralized applications.


  • When: March 27, 2023 
  • Coin: Stader [SD] 
  • Coin Price: $1.26

ETHX is a revolutionary new blockchain technology set to launch in 2023. ETHX is a hybrid blockchain combining public and private blockchains, allowing users to quickly and securely transfer digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens. The ETHX platform will be powered by a consensus algorithm called Proof of Stake. This algorithm will allow users to stake their ETHX tokens to receive rewards for securing the network. This will also make it more difficult for malicious actors to attack the web and will ensure that the ETHX blockchain remains secure.

The ETHX platform will also provide users with other features and benefits that will make transacting digital assets more accessible and more secure. It will also allow users to create and manage their tokens and smart contracts and access a decentralized exchange that will enable users to trade various digital assets. The ETHX team is also developing a new data storage layer to allow users to store and manage their data more securely and efficiently. This will make it easier for users to store and access their data and share it with other users.


In conclusion, March has been a significant month for the crypto industry, with several notable events. The crypto market has seen some exciting developments, from the approval of the first Bitcoin ETF in Canada to the launch of the long-awaited Ethereum Berlin upgrade. Moreover, the announcement of Visa's decision to accept cryptocurrency payments on its network, and PayPal's launch of a new crypto checkout service, further emphasizes the increasing mainstream acceptance of digital assets.

Overall, the events of March 2023 suggest that the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, with new developments and innovations emerging regularly. As always, seeing how these trends unfold in the coming months and years will be interesting.

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