What are Trump NFTs? Trump digital trading cards

Does the term "Trump NFTs" seem familiar? If not, you're in for an amazing experience! With the introduction of these new digital assets, the collectors market has received a substantial boost. Rare and unique objects connected to former U.S. President Donald J. Trump are now available for investment for the first time, thanks to Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Trump has undoubtedly made history with his tweets and outlandish outbursts, and now you can have a small piece of that heritage in your collection. You just need a basic understanding of how Non-fungible Tokens function and how to put your money into them. Don't worry, I'll explain everything you need to know to purchase your Trump NFT right now.

What Are Trump NFTs?

Trump NFTs are just the icing on an already disastrous cake for the Trump administration. NFT is an abbreviation for "non-fungible token," which is basically a fancy way of stating "unique, non-replicable digital asset." If you're wondering, "What are Trump NFTs?" These digital tokens, featuring the one and only Donald J. Trump, are exactly what they sound like. Just so you know, they're exactly as cringeworthy as you'd imagine.

Imagine a digital token with a caricature of Donald Trump on it. The token would be worth more than your automobile and would feature Trump's trademark orange skin and combover. Poor people. Worse is still to come. Some Trump NFTs are reportedly going for several million dollars. Numerous millions, to be exact. I don't know about you, but when it comes to my own money, I'd rather put it toward something a bit more...real. Similar to a home. Maybe a yacht? Or any other thing you can think of.

Of course, there will always be avid Trump backers who will pay top dollar for anything bearing the president's name. But the rest of us can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Trump NFTs are just the most recent example of the absurdity that has emerged during the Trump administration. How well do they hold up over time? What will happen next is anyone's guess. One thing is certain, though: they aren't for everyone.

Who Started The Trump NFTs?

Defy Ventures' "Trumped" NFT collection is a good illustration of this type of thing. This compilation contained digital artworks of Trump engaged in a variety of activities, from golfing to giving a speech. The goal of the collection was to generate funds for Defy Ventures' initiatives that aid formerly jailed people. The digital artist Trevor Jones released an NFT titled "Trust in the Truth" in July 2021 that also dealt with Trump. The statue of Trump holding a sign reading "TRUST IN THE TRUTH" sold at auction for almost $60,000.

What Is The Price Of Trump NFTs?

Once available for $99 a piece, Trump NFTs have now sold out and are now only available for purchase and trading on secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. The current lowest price for Trump NFTs is 0.13 ETH or about $250 at the time of writing. There are over 45,000 Trump NFTs in circulation, and their total worth is an astounding $8,750,000. There are only 1,000 Trump NFTs available for purchase, each with a unique serial number.

Prizes and Sweepstakes

With every NFT purchase, customers are entered to win one of the hundreds of available prizes. The website offers a variety of prizes, including:

  • Trump Diner in Miami 
  • Gathering cocktails at Mar-a-Lago 
  • Meeting with Trump one-on-one 
  • Trump played golf for an hour with two buddies
  • Trump's Zoom call

"Win incredible prizes, including your chance to spend time with the President of the United States," the website boasts. Each purchaser of 45 Trump NFTs will be invited to dine with the ex-president.

Benefits of Owning Trump NFTs

Brace yourselves, because I'm about to list all the wonderful advantages of having a Trump NFT.

Let's start with the awe-inspiring prestige of it all. Buying a Trump NFT is like acquiring a historical artifact. Even though it's a part of history that has been largely forgotten, that only makes it more priceless, right? You can be the envy of all your friends and family members by flaunting your Trump NFT in their faces. However, the point is not to merely boast. The benefits of owning a Trump NFT are attractive. You'll have access to an exclusive club where you and other Trump NFT owners may meet and discuss... well, I have no idea what you'd discuss, but it sounds quite fascinating.

The financial gains should also not be overlooked. Possession of a Trump NFT is like possessing a golden ticket to the chocolate factory (if the factory were operated by a serial bankrupt). You may cash in on the irrational demand for NFT by selling it for a fortune. When you can invest in a Trump NFT, why bother with equities and bonds?

The happiness you'll experience as the proud owner of a Trump NFT is arguably the best advantage of all. That pixelated picture of the ex-president will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time you look at it. And isn't that the point of living anyway? Do you have a nice, fuzzy feeling inside?

That's all I've got, guys. Possession of a Trump NFT offers untold advantages. Yes, you could put that money to better use by investing in renewable energy or providing food for the hungry, but what would be the joy in that? The chance to own a Trump NFT only comes around once, so don't let it pass you by. Exactly how long are you going to wait? Immediately go out and purchase a Trump NFT for yourself..

How to Buy Trump NFTs?

You may now be wondering: How can I purchase Trump NFTs? The good news is that it's not hard to do at all. What you should do is as follows:

Step 1: Find an Exchange or a Marketplace

The first step is to find an exchange or marketplace to buy Trump NFTs. Limited edition digital trading cards based on the Trump brand, Trump NFTs can be purchased on the Polygon blockchain and traded in the OpenSea NFT Marketplace

OpenSea is the virtual playground for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), where you may spend ridiculous amounts on intangible goods. NFTs' ease of usage makes them addicting. You can bid and click on cute animals and overdone digital art without thinking about the environment. If you delve deep enough, you might unearth a unique NFT worth a small country. Join OpenSea's chaos to bring civilization down.OpenSea charges 2.5% for every purchase. Recent quarterly trading volumes OpenSea had $1.5 billion in January 2022 and $3.5 billion in March 2022.

Step 2: Get some Ethereum (ETH)

Once you've selected the marketplace, the next step is to get some Ethereum (ETH). This is because most places won't accept any other type of cryptocurrency for payment. You'll need enough ETH to cover the purchase price of your chosen Trump NFT, so make sure to check the product page for its details.

Unfortunately, you won't find any on mainstream NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. But fear not, there are plenty of alternative marketplaces catering to the MAGA crowd. One such platform is "Winning," which specializes in Trump-themed NFTs.

Step 3: Buy your Trump NFT

Once your ETH is ready, it's time to buy your Trump NFT! Just select the one that you want and click 'buy.' Then enter the amount of ETH that you'd like to use and enter your payment details. After that, just sit back and wait for the transaction to be processed - and then congratulations! You've now bought yourself a unique piece of digital art in the form of a Trump NFT!

Once you've found a marketplace that sells Trump NFTs, it's time to bid on your favorite ones. Make sure to read the item description carefully, as some may come with special perks like a signed print or a chance to meet the former president (ok, we made that one up).

Popular Trump NFTs

The Hottest Trump Trading Cards: NFTs Will Make America Great Again To purchase a Polygon-based NFT, you can pay $99 in cash, $ETH, or a credit card. In addition to real and digital collectibles, NFT holders can win experiences with Trump like dinner, drinks, or a round of golf. A ticket to a Gala Dinner with Trump in South Florida is included in purchasing 45 NFTs. Without further ado, I provide the five sickest NFTs in this batch:

5. Statue of Liberty

It's traditional, it shows patriotism, and it’s... wait, has President Trump paved over New York Harbor? The fact that Ellis Island is surrounded on all sides by land makes it much simpler to visit the Statue of Liberty. When Donald Trump winks at you and gives you two thumbs up, it is always dawned in the United States of America. 

4. Shady Astronaut

If we ignore the stylized stars and stripes and the background glare from... we don't know... Trump's ki, what do we see? ... the new NASA spacesuits that were introduced when Trump was in the White House inspired the design of this NFT, which adheres admirably well to the aesthetic of those suits. We are operating under the assumption that Mr. Trump will not wear sunglasses when he dons the actual helmet. (Or for all I know, maybe not!) 

3. Black Hat Ops

Now we're getting into the tricky part. Is it more masculine to dress like a terrible person in Western garb or a soldier? He is Donald Trump, after all. He should be in both. (And quickly hand over a shotgun.) We have no doubt that Trump is aware that his black cowboy hat reduces the effectiveness of his concealment. But let's be honest: Trump isn't going to keep anything a secret from anyone. 

2. Larger Than Life

Trump is keen to point out to naysayers that he is, in fact, a human person who is 6 feet 3 inches tall. But, perhaps, this NFT could be stretching the truth a little bit about his stature.

A possible interpretation is that he plans to rule Earth like a tyrant and use the Moon as a halo. Trump has put his shades back on again since he's in outer space. The visual references to flight suits from movies like "Top Gun" are merely decorative at this time. 

1. Bertemakan Superhero

Trump is evidently so confident in this NFT assortment that lasers emanate from his eyeballs. Practical footwear? Check. Dichroic violet-orange gradation in the background? Check. Awestruck at the "Rump Tower" as it stands before you. Trump's six-pack muscles pushing against the spandex of a superhero are scarier than anything from Frank Miller's nightmares. Oh, and presumably you could be melted with a blast of Trump's heat vision if you don't vote for him the next time he's on the ballot. 


The collecting community has recently become obsessed with Trump NFTs. The potential is enormous in today's ever-expanding Bitcoin market and the age of NFTs. The most powerful politician of our time has released a line of limited-edition artwork and collectibles onto the market. Whether you're a collector or just interested in learning more about Trump NFTs, finding out how to participate is worth your time. An NFT worthy of your enjoyment and pride can be yours via careful planning and study.

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