BSC to Metis Bridge

Bridge tokens from Binance Smart Chain to Metis Andromeda mainnet with low fees. Before we bridge the tokens, here is a brief introduction to the Metis network. Also, make sure to connect Metis Andromeda mainnet to Metamask.

Metis is an Ethereum layer 2 protocol that is based on the technology of Optimistic Rollups. Metis is highly scalable and with much lower fees compared to Ethereum. Metis integrates a lot of functionalities that are not available yet on the Ethereum blockchain.

Metis has a native decentralized storage system, unlike IPFS which is used to store Ethereum NFTs. Metis smart contracts are easy to use and simple to develop even without the need for code. Metis is more secure and decentralized than other layer 2 solutions.

DACs, also known as Decentralized Autonomous Companies can be built on the Metis blockchain, which gives companies the ability to build complete decentralized businesses on the blockchain. Metis has a total value locked of over $500 million and that number is going to increase as more dapps get built on it.

Connecting Metis Andromeda Mainnet to Metamask

Before we bridge your tokens to the Metis mainnet, you have to set up the Metis network on Metamask.

1. In the 'Expand view' of Metamask, in the 'Networks' tab, select 'Add Network'

2. Enter the following details

  • Network Name: Metis Andromeda Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 1088
  • Currency Symbol: METIS
  • Block Explorer URL:

3. After you fill in the above details click 'Save' and you have added Metis mainnet to your Metamask.

metis mainnet metamask settings

Now let's bridge your tokens from Binance Smart Chain to Metis Andromeda mainnet

Bridge Tokens from BSC to Metis network

We are going to bridge the tokens using the Poly network bridge. Make sure you have BNB to the fees in your Metamask wallet. You can bridge BNB, BUSD, METIS tokens from BSC to Metis mainnet.

You can buy METIS tokens on Pancakeswap before you transfer your token to Metis mainnet or you can transfer BNB or BUSD to Metis network and buy METIS tokens on Netswap.

This is the Metis contract address on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) : 0xe552Fb52a4F19e44ef5A967632DBc320B0820639 

Here we go! Hope you are BSC network on Metamask.

  1. Go to and connect your wallet
  2. Select 'Asset', you can select METIS, BNB or BUSD
  3. Select the 'From' network as BSC Network and 'To' network as Metis Network

      BSC to Metis bridge

  4. Select the number of tokens you want to bridge
  5. It costs 0.0156 BNB, which is around $6 to transfer your tokens from BSC to the Metis network.

  6. Click 'Next', check the details once again, and Confirm the transfer
  7. The transaction will be completed in a few minutes. After the transaction is completed, switch the network in Metamask to Metis Andromeda mainnet and check the token balance.

  8. Done. You have successfully bridged your tokens from BSC to the Metis network.

For a headstart, here are some Dapps you could use on the Metis network


Netswap is a decentralized exchange and AMM protocol just like Pancakeswap and Uniswap on BSC and Ethereum respectively. 24h trading volume on Netswap is about $11 million. Earn NETT tokens by providing liquidity and staking tokens on Netswap.

Agora Defi

Agora is a non-custodial platform for decentralized borrowing and lending on Metis. It is similar to the AAVE on Ethereum. You can deposit collateral and borrow Metis tokens.


TotemFi is a staking-based prediction market, where you can earn native token rewards in TOTM tokens and also in bitcoins.

Metis has huge potential and it has decent technology compared to the existing layer 2 solutions out there. Metis is also backed by industry leaders and only the community will tell the future of the blockchain.

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