NFT art marketplaces for artists

NFT means Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are digital art. NFT art can be bought and sold on NFT marketplaces. An NFT art marketplace is like an Amazon for NFTs. Artists can use NFT marketplaces to sell their NFTs.

There are some things you need to take care of before you choose an NFT art marketplace to sell our NFT. Some NFT marketplaces support only certain types of art, some have a large number of users while it costs you some fees to list your NFTs on these NFT art marketplaces.

Not only images, some NFT art marketplaces even support music, GIFs, and videos as NFTs. Most of the NFT marketplaces are decentralized applications that are built on blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, or Solana. So the money in which you get paid depends on the NFT platform.

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Creating an Ethereum Wallet for NFTs

Most of the NFT art marketplaces are on the Ethereum blockchain. You need an Ethereum wallet to pay listing fees on the marketplaces and also receive the money from the sales to your wallet.

Learn how to create an Ethereum wallet using Metamask

After creating an Ethereum wallet, buy some Ethereum on a centralized exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or Kucoin and transfer it to the wallet. Now you are ready to sell your art.

7 Top NFT Art Marketplaces


Opensea is the largest NFT art marketplace. Open sea has the largest number of active users and $4 billion in NFT sales in January 2022 which is important to consider before you select to sell your NFTs. Opensea is available on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn.

Opensea enables you to upload your art directly onto the blockchain without you needing to code. It is easy just like you use your Instagram. Just upload your NFT art and set the price.

Selling your NFT art on Ethereum blockchain costs you some fees like around $200. Polygon blockchain has no fees. Opensea also charges a 2.5% commission on every sale. You can also earn royalties from secondary sales. Buyers have about 100 different options including credit card/debit cards to buy your NFT.


Rarible is another popular NFT art marketplace that encourages individual art creators. Rarible allows you to sell your NFT art on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow. Rarible is a trusted marketplace and it has collaborated with many brands.

Rarible has its own token RARI. RARI is the governance token of the platform. RARI can be also used to accept as payment in an NFT sale. Rarible also charges 2.5% on NFT sales. Rarible also has payment options like credit/debit card and Apple pay.

Choosing a blockchain to sell your NFT art is also an important question. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain for selling NFTs. But it costs some fees. Tezos or Flow blockchains are less popular and cost you nearly zero fees to sell your NFT art.


SuperRare is one of the popular NFT art marketplaces. Well! there is a problem with this marketplace. They won't accept every artist or seller to sell NFTs on their platform. Only 1% of the applicants make it and it is the reason you need to choose SuperRare. As an artist, you have low competition here and your art now seems rare.

RARE is the governance token of the SuperRare platform. RARE token holders have a say in the future of art and culture on the platform. You will also become a member of the SuperRare DAO.

SuperRare works on the Ethereum blockchain. You definitely need an Ethereum wallet to sell your art on SuperRare. SuperRare collects a fee of 3% on every NFT sale. The artist will receive 85% of the primary sale and SuperRare DAO collects 15% as commission fees. Artist will receive 10% royalty on secondary sales.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is the best NFT art marketplace for artists and graphic designers. Nifty Gateway makes it easy to sell your NFT arts. Nifty Gateway uses Ethereum blockchain but it cost 75% less fees compared to other NFT platforms.

Nifty Gateway collaborates with brands and celebrities for limited edition NFTs. Grimes, a popular Canadian Musician sold her music NFT, Death of the Old for $388,938.00 on Nifty Gateway. Beeple, a digital artist made $3.5 million in sales through Nifty Gateway and many more million-dollar NFT art sales happened on the platform.

Nifty Gateway charges 5% commission fees on every NFT sale. Nifty Gateway accepts credit/debit cards. You do not need to create an Ethereum wallet to sell your NFT art on Nifty Gateway. Sellers can withdraw money from their sales directly to their bank account.


Mintable was launched in 2018 and it has a wide range of digital collections on the marketplace. Art, Music, Videos, Collectibles, Sport and Utility NFTs can be sold on Mintable. The platform is also backed by a billionaire investor, Mark Cuban.

Mintable allows both traditional and gasless ways to create and sell NFT art. So you can list your NFT absolutely free of cost. Mintable is on the Ethereum blockchain but it is using ImmutableX technology for gasless(zero fees) transactions. Mintable charges a 2.5% commission on every NFT sale. For a gasless NFT, the fee is 5% on every sale.


Foundation is the invite-only NFT art marketplace. One has to be invited by other creators on the platform to sell their art. Foundation has creators who have been in the field for many years and their art is authentic, not just to sell their NFTs in the hype. More than $100 million worth of NFT art sales took place on Foundation

Foundation marketplace also runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Foundation marketplace charges 15% commission on the primary market sale and 5% on the secondary sales. The fees are definitely on the higher side.


NFTrade is a fully decentralized NFT art marketplace for creating, buying, and selling NFTs. NFTrade is a cross-chain NFT marketplace and aggregator. NFTrade allows you to upload your art easily onto the Ethereum blockchain and list it.

NFTrade is available on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Moonriver. NFTrade currently charges zero transaction fees on NFT sales.


NFTs have done much for artists than anything else. Artists have the best time now for someone to value their art. The art has been bought for various reasons, be it for a profile picture or just speculation. The total NFT market cap has grown from $95 million to $16.5 billion just in a year. While there is going to be a lot of up and downs in the space, genuine artists continue to thrive.

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