What is ngmi and wagmi in crypto

Ngmi and Wagmi are generally used in Crypto Twitter as an expression of speech.

Ngmi(Not Gonna Make it)

Ngmi is a short form for Not gonna make it. Not gonna make it means, things are not going to end well for you if you are following that path. Crypto twitter generally uses ngmi, if someone underestimates the potential of an NFT or a cryptocurrency.

Traditional market experts who invest in stocks don't understand crypto markets well. They often make some negative statements regarding any crypto topic. The crypto twitter's reaction to such experts will be 'you are ngmi'. You are not gonna make it also means that you are a loser.

Here is a first instance where ngmi is used by a crypto and NFT influencer JRNY Crypto

You are not going to make it if you are going to buy Solana right now, you are not going to make it if you are long Ethereum, you are not gonna make it if you are not accumulating Bitcoin. You are ngmi if you don't follow our blog regularly.

Wagmi(We Are Gonna Make it)

Wagmi is a short form for We are gonna make it. We are going to make it means we are going to succeed if we are going along this path. Wagmi is like being optimistic about the actions we take. Crypto Twitter generally uses wagmi if they are bullish on something or if they hope something has a good potential in the future.

Wagmi is frequently used in crypto and NFT communities to motivate new users and continue hoping their investments will bear fruit or make huge future gains.

Here is an instance where wagmi is used on crypto Twitter by a user named Pixelord

We are going to make it if we are pro-crypto. We are gonna make it if we keep calm and believe in Bitcoin. Wagmi if we subscribe to our blog thecryptoinsight.com.http://eepurl.com/igJafT


Ngmi is used to emphasize negativity and Wagmi is used to emphasize positivity. Now you can too use both of these words to express your emotions in your crypto journey. Take it to Twitter and tag @dcryptoinsight and let us know who is ngmi or if wagmi.

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