Best ways to earn cryptocurrency online

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been trending topics in finance in the last two years. You can earn free cryptocurrency online just like you can earn money online. Cryptocurrencies can be earned in many ways as there are many types of cryptocurrencies and each cryptocurrency has its own value proposition.

Few Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency Online

1. Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading is buying or selling something. Buying the cryptocurrency at a lower price and selling it at a higher price is a way to earn while trading cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency prices are way more volatile than traditional stock markets. This is where the opportunity lies and also the risk. If you can manage the risk, you can earn greater rewards. Some cryptocurrencies have the potential to raise by more than 100% in a day. And some cryptocurrencies can go to absolute zero as well. Do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Here are some crypto trading strategies that you can start with.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis can be used in trading any market whether it may be stocks, commodities, currencies, or cryptocurrencies. The ability to make a good trading decision based on the chart pattern and trend can earn you some money. There are different types of chart patterns that predict the price action. Technical indicators like Moving averages, Bollinger bands, RSI and MACD can help you make trading decisions.

Technical analysis may not always be right, but the price action will let you know what will happen next. Always keep note of the price while making a trade. Price is the true indicator.

Project Roadmap Announcements

Follow the project's social media handles and be a part of their community to know what is happening in a particular cryptocurrency project. Look out for announcements of new roadmap or roadmap accomplishments. Good roadmap news can pump the price.

Partnership Announcements

When a cryptocurrency project partners or collaborates with a brand, it creates a buzz in social media. More people will get to know about that particular cryptocurrency. Make sure you know the news before the most and that way you can make a profit through the price action

2. Cryptocurrency Staking

Staking tokens of a cryptocurrency can earn you staking rewards. Staking rewards are rewarded to validators who validate transactions on the blockchain network which has a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. You can delegate your tokens to any validator to earn rewards. ETH, ATOM, FTM, and SOL are some tokens that you can stake and earn staking rewards.

Tokens have to be staked for a specific period of time to earn rewards. The price of the token may go lower than the price at which you have acquired the tokens to stake. Avoid staking tokens that have a locked staking period.

3. Crypto Airdrops

Crypto airdrop is a free cryptocurrency distribution to the followers and loyal users of a cryptocurrency project. You could receive a free crypto airdrop for following the project on their social media or being part of their community or being a regular user of the platform. Here is a guide to learn more about crypto airdrops, different types of airdrops, and how to earn them.

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4. Click Bots

Click bots can earn you cryptocurrencies for watching ads, clicking links, and joining various Telegram groups and channels. Click bots are Telegram bots, where you can start the bot and start earning by viewing various ads. You can earn cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, DOGE, SHIB, and TRX for free.

You can withdraw the earned cryptocurrencies to your own cryptocurrency wallet. You can also refer your friends to earn crypto from click bots and make an extra 20% on your friend's earnings. Join the TRX click bot here and start earning

5. ICOs & IEOs

ICO means Initial Crypto Offering. ICO is similar to IPO(Initial Public Offering), where individual businesses or companies offer their shares to the public. In an ICO, cryptocurrency projects offer their tokens to the public and the cryptocurrency starts trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency projects with good utility and marketing tend to perform well during their ICO. For example, Ethereum(ETH) token was launched at a price of $0.3 during the ICO and the ETH price reached an all-time high price of $4878 in November 2021. Participate in good crypto ICOs for making good returns. A small initial investment in a promising ICO can make you life-changing wealth.

IEO is the Initial Exchange Offering. In an IEO, a cryptocurrency is launched on a cryptocurrency exchange. The cryptocurrency project partners with the exchange to launch their token. The exchange conducts various activities to allocate the token to its users in a fair manner

Exchanges like Binance, Bybit, and Kucoin conduct IEOs for various cryptocurrency projects. On Binance, you need to hold BNB tokens to receive allocation proportionally. For example, if you hold 10% of total BNB tokens in circulation, you would receive 10% of the total allocation of IEO tokens. GMT, APTOS, and HGT are some recent and successful IEOs on Binance.

6. Free Bitcoin is a Bitcoin faucet that gives you some amount of Bitcoin every hour for free. You can earn up to 0.012 BTC every hour depending on your luck from the Bitcoin faucet. You can also bet on various sports on this website. Participate in lotteries and win a Lamborghini. You can also deposit the earned Bitcoin to earn a 4% annual interest rate. Sign up here are start earning some Bitcoin every day.

7. Crypto Apps

Crypto Apps are apps, or games that give you some crypto as a reward for playing a game, or browsing the web, or simply clicking a button. There are a few games where you can earn cryptocurrency when you pass a certain level in the game. Bitcoin Blast and Ethereum Blast are a few such games.

Brave browser is a popular browser that pays you for watching ads while browsing the web. The ad is sent to you as a notification while you are using the Brave browser. You can open the ad notification any time later after you finish your browsing. Viewing such ads can earn you BAT tokens, which will be credited to your wallet every month.

Wild Cash is a simple mobile app where you can earn uHGT(unlocked Hooked Gold Token). Their token HOOK is listed on the popular exchange Binance. Earn uHGT tokens on the app while playing quizzes on crypto or simply mining the tokens for free. Get the app Wild Cash app here and start earning crypto. 

8. Presearch

Presearch is a popular search engine that rewards you with crypto for searching for something. You can earn PRE tokens when you search for something. A minimum of 1000 tokens are needed to withdraw your rewards to your wallet. The price of one PRE token reached $0.44 in October 2021 and it is currently trading at $0.035.

You can earn PRE tokens now and sell them later when the price goes high. You can also refer your friends to earn extra PRE tokens. Sign up through our link and start earning free PRE tokens

You can also make Presearch a default search engine in your Brave browser and earn both BAT and PRE rewards at the same time.

These are a few ways to earn free cryptocurrency online. There can be many more ways that we are not aware of. We will keep updating this list for more earning opportunities. Follow our blog for more such posts.

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