Hotcoin is a product of Here Wallet. Hotcoin is a Here wallet is a non-custodial wallet on Near Blockchain. Here wallet also has an in-built dex aggregator and has some cool activities to do for rewards.

As you know, Near blockchain or Near network is the fastest-growing blockchain right now. More than $280 million worth of assets are locked on Near Blockchain. Many projects are being developed on Near blockchain. NEAR is the native token of the Near blockchain. NEAR is used to pay fees and also can be staked to earn rewards.

Hotcoin mining on Telegram Here Wallet

How to Mine Hotcoin and Earn Free Money?



1) Register Here, Click

2) Create Wallet

3) Claim $HOT after storage is full every 2 Hours! 🪙

Mine Hotcoin on Telegram

To claim Hotcoin without any fees, transfer some NEAR tokens to your Hotcoin wallet so that you can claim Hotcoin for free.

You can complete missions to earn more Hotcoin for free.

Mine Hotcoin on Telegram

Boost helps you to earn more Hotcoin every hour. You can boost your levels to earn more Hotcoin per hour.

Mine Hotcoin on Telegram for free

Complete the missions and level up to boost your mining speed by 2x or 3x. That means you can earn 2 times more Hotcoin per hour with Uranium Boxes.

What can you do with Hotcoin?

Hotcoin is not listed on any exchange right now but it could be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in the future.

Right now, there is an 'Apps' section in the Hotcoin app where you can participate in various activities to earn some dollars.

HOT Pad is a launchpad of new tokens, where users can participate in launching new tokens and gain money when they are listed.

There was also an event Cases Boom where users could withdraw their HOT coin for USDT & NEAR tokens.

HOT Mint is coming soon where users can mint HOT NFTs and sell/trade them.

HOTCOIN has a great team that is developing more use cases for this project. Mining HOTCOIN for free can reward you greatly in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Start Mining Hotcoin now!

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