DApp browsers are used to browse and interact with decentralized applications on a blockchain. DApp browsers are also called Web3 browsers. DApp browsers have in-built cryptocurrency wallets which can be connected with the DApp. The wallet holds the cryptocurrency to transact with the decentralized application and to pay transactions fees.

Decentralized applications are hosted on blockchains but the user interfaces are similar to any other website. Uniswap, Opensea, AAVE, Axie Infinity are some examples of decentralized applications. DApp browsers help you connect with the backend of the DApps to sign, spend and transfer your cryptocurrency.

Best Dapp Browsers for IOS and Android

Best DApp Browsers to Use

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet dapp browser

Trust Wallet is the most popular DApp browser. Trust wallet is available for both IOS and Android. Trust wallet is user-friendly and the wallet supports many cryptocurrencies. The DApp browser on Trust wallet supports many blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Celo, Avalanche, etc. You can interact with dApps on any of these blockchains using Trust wallet. Trust wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means you own the private keys of your wallet and nobody can control the wallet without the private keys.


Metamask app dapp browser

Metamask is a popular web extension wallet. It is available as a Chrome extension and also on IOS and Android. Metamask is also a non-custodial wallet. Metamask has recently announced that they have surpassed 30 million monthly active users. Metamask is an Ethereum wallet. It can be used with all the dApps on Ethereum. Users need to add new networks using Custom RPC settings to access other blockchains like Fantom, BSC, Avanlance, and Harmony. Metamask can also be used with hardware wallets.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet dapp browser

Coinbase wallet is another DApp browser wallet. Coinbase wallet is built by the Coinbase exchange. You can connect your Coinbase wallet with the Coinbase exchange account and fund your wallet. Coinbase wallet supports many other cryptocurrencies. You can add more blockchain networks from the settings tab easily. The dApp explorer also has some good DApps to kickstart your browsing. Coinbase is available on both IOS and Android. There is also a web extension for Chrome.

Slope Wallet

Slope wallet Solana dapp browser

Slope wallet is a Solana wallet and DApp browser for the Solana blockchain. Slope wallet supports Solana(SOL) and all other Solana-based tokens and NFTs. Solana is the most popular blockchain after Ethereum. Solana has faster transaction speeds and high throughput. DApps on Solana are emerging rapidly. Slope wallet is available on both IOS and Android. Slope wallet also has an in-built token swap feature and an NFT marketplace.


Imtoken wallet dapp browser

ImToken is a multi-chain wallet and easy-to-use. ImToken supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies. ImToken dApp browser can be used to explore Ethereum, EOS, and Tron blockchains. ImToken also offers trading directly from the wallet. ImToken is a user-friendly dApp browser with a great interface. The market feature in ImToken enables you to add various tokens to your watchlist and get price alerts. ImToken is available on both IOS and Android.

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